Helping you make informed health care choices

When you or a family member is unwell, it’s only natural to be concerned. You’ll want reassurance about the nature of the condition – and an early as possible diagnosis.

You’ll also want to see the right doctors, decide on the most suitable treatment and choose the best hospital.

It’s been proven that people who actively seek out reliable and credible health care information use it to secure the most effective treatment – and improve their chances of a better outcome.

How can information keep you healthy?

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Expert health care – for non-experts

This site brings together all of the latest information on health care and health related issues, making it easier for you to find what you need to know:

> Prepare yourself for your GP appointment – know which vital questions to ask

> Investigate treatment options

> If you’re referred to see a specialist, find out how to get the best out of the consultation.

> Find the best consultant to treat your particular condition or undertake any  necessary surgery

> Quick links to the best health care and treatment information

> Make more informed decisions when discussing your condition with medical professionals

> Get the best out of NHS Patient Choices

> Find out how to choose your hospital or clinic and book an appointment through NHS Choose and Book

NHS Choose and Book

Choose and Book is an electronic referral system, designed to give patients more involvement in their choice of hospital or clinic. When you and your GP agree that you need an appointment with a specialist, NHS Choose and Book shows your GP which hospitals or clinics are available for your treatment. You can then decide on which option best suits your personal preferences.

  • You can choose the hospital that is best for you
  • You can choose the date and time of your appointment, so it fits around your work and home commitments
  • You can plan and manage around your existing appointments if you are currently undergoing treatment

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